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Argumentative Essay

This is a type of writing that involves proper investigation of a topic alongside collecting and evaluating pieces of evidence with the purpose of establishing a stand on the topic.

This type of writing is hinged on substantial evidence from credible sources and having an influential tone to back up your submissions. Do not pay attention to topics that do not inspire you or that you are not passionate about. This article will help you know more about writing a good argumentative essay and if you would like one written for you, www.needforessay.com is where you can place an order.

Prepare an Outline

An argumentative essay outline is the first stage and it should be made up of the following.

  • Introduction: Here, you should explain the subject topic, opposing opinions and arguments, and include an essay statement that identifies your stance on the topic.

Pay close attention to the reading audience by picking out the parts of the problem important enough to convince the reader about your position.

  • Body paragraphs: List the points that appeal to the audience’s reasoning that can make you convince them. Ensure you include the opinions and views of the opposition.
  • Reasons & support: Include at least three reasons to explain the importance of accepting your position on the topic – it would be a topic sentence.
    • Present arguments, facts, jokes (if acceptable), statistics, and real-life examples to hold up the stated reasons.
    • Predict the opinion of rivals. Think about the opinion the opposition may have.
    • Pick on the other possible positions the target audience may build up while reading more about the problem.
  • Conclusion: The last word should explain to the audience what to think/do based on the supporting and opposing views on the topic. Give the readers enough reasons to agree with your stand on the topic.

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