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How to Write an Argumentative Thesis

All essays do not require an explicitly written thesis. But many argumentative essays do. So, there is the need for you to write an argumentative thesis in claiming your facts in an argumentative essay. An argumentative thesis is required to establish your points and facts to your audience. So, you don’t have to imply your main points in an argumentative essay. That is the beauty of an argumentative thesis.

An argumentative thesis is made up of a one or two-sentence statement that represents the important ideas and establishes an assertion about your issue. You can make lengthier than two sentences, but one or two sentences is a general guide. The most important element is the assertion you present in the argumentative essay. So, it is very critical you come up with something authoritative and convincing.

In writing an argumentative thesis, there are guidelines you must follow. Some of them are:

  1. Clarity

When writing your argumentative thesis, ensure that your assertion is clear and direct. There should be no ambiguity in whatever form no matter how little it might be. I am sure you wouldn’t want your audience to have doubts about your claims. Who would, in the first place? Your thesis statement should point out your side of the topic for discussion. Even if you will bring two sides together, ensure that your thesis statement presents your main points or ideas.

  1. Brevity

Your argumentative thesis statement should be one or two sentences. Don’t let it be wordy. Simplicity is key in writing an argumentative thesis. As such, you should keep this in mind and adhere to it when you are writing one.

Your argumentative thesis should not proclaim what your essay will deal with. Instead, it should only present your assertion.

Ensure your writing style is clear enough for your audience. This is the only chance to make your audience fully understand what you are presenting to them. So, it is crucial you present your ideas in a writing style that is generally clear.

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