Cause and Effect Essay- Order Cause and Effect Essay


A cause and effect essay is an academic paper that focuses on a situation and finds out the cause of that situation or the effects that will be borne out of the situation. For example, your theme is global warming. You could talk about the likely causes of global warming and the likely effects of global warming.

The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to explain why certain things happen and the effect of that event. Here are some things to consider when writing a cause and effect essay:

  1. Distinguish the causes and effects of the matter

Understand the reason behind some things and something else that happened because of the first event. For instance, you have always been fascinated with aviation and aircraft. This may influence your decision to go to a flying school after high school.

  1. Work on your thesis

This sentence should be an ending part of your introduction, where you need to list or mention whether your essay is a “cause” or an “effect”. You will then have to explain your main goal which will then be supported in each paragraph you include in your essay.

  1. Write an outline on a piece of paper and refer to it every time you hit a block. It will help you stick to your essay structure and make your thesis complete;
  2. Always organize the information you are going to use. Depending on the subject, you might organize them in three different ways:
    • Be categorical with the information by organizing and dividing the subject into categories and parts;
    • Be chronological by revealing the story according to the series of events;
    • Arrange according to value. All the information is organized from the least important to the essential ones or vice-versa.
  3. Use transition words

To make your thesis readable and interesting, you need to use transition speech and phrases. Here are some of them: since, first, because, as a result, therefore, consequently, and thus. Some important mistakes you must avoid include;

  • Forgetting the primary goal of your essay.
  • Discussing unrelated causes and effects.
  • Lack of topic analysis.
  • No time for editing or proofreading.

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