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Deductive Essay

A deductive essay is a means of evaluating the level of knowledge and understanding of students in a specific subject or topic. It works on the principle of deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning works on the idea that if someone is given a set of situations or premises; it can be easy for them to bring out a set of reasonable assumptions. A student should be able to resolve one or two challenges at hand with precise information with a deductive essay.

There are some key elements and factors a student should strongly consider when writing a deductive essay. They will make some comparison and contrast with the available information to them about a particular topic, sums them up before they conclude.

There are three components of a deductive essay. They are:

  1. Premise: A premise is a generally accepted fact or belief. It serves as the basis in drafting your conclusions in a deductive essay. Usually, an argument comprises of one or more premises.
  2. Evidence: Evidence is strongly held information that contradicts all doubts in a deductive essay.
  3. Conclusion: The conclusion of a deductive essay is the final analysis of the circumstance in consideration which you arrive at based on a mixture and balance of premises and evidence.

An illustration of the elements in a deductive essay follows:

  • Premise: All cats are animals.
  • Evidence: Dido is a cat.
  • Conclusion: Dido is an animal.

A good deductive essay should have elements of clarity and focus. As a writer of a deductive essay should make sure that each paragraph composed focuses only on a specific aspect or point while citing details and examples to back up your point that will eventually lead to a befitting conclusion. It should be noted that the points raised in the conclusion of your deductive essay are very important. They are very vital as skipping them will make your essay watery and weak.

A vital factor that will make your deductive essay stand out is ensuring that there is no diversion in your audience’s attention. Pay careful attention to your thesis, grammar, and style of writing.