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Descriptive Essay

A good method of writing a descriptive essay is to create an image in your audience’s mind that involves all of their five senses. Doing that will make your essay an excellent one. The steps to take in writing a descriptive essay include the following:

Step 1: Go for a particular subject

Your descriptive essay should specifically target an event, a person, or a location. After you write your essay, it’s your job to pass across your message on that topic through your description. Therefore, the approach you take matters a lot. It will set the tone in keeping your readers’ interests.

Step 2: Make an announcement

The next step is to form a thesis statement. This can be a singular idea throughout your essay. It helps in setting out the purpose of the essay. It also regulates the approach you are using to conveying your message in the write-up of the essay.

Step 3: Get the senses right

Next, produce five labeled columns on a sheet of paper, everyone having a representation of the five senses. This labeled list can assist you in arranging your thoughts as you describe your topic. You should give adequate details that will support your thesis statement. You can make use of metaphors, similes, personification and other figures of speech in your write-up.

Step 4: Generate an overview

Generate an overview that contains the most important points of your topic in every paragraph. Students in colleges are usually required to put in writing a five- paragraph essay. The five paragraphs should be qualitative enough in driving the main points in a simple manner. It should start with an introduction, followed by three paragraphs for the body, and a conclusion.

Step 5: Draft your conclusion

The conclusion paragraph is an outline of everything discussed in your essay. Your conclusion must emphasize your thesis statement. Your conclusion must be written to concretize the main points and objectives of your essay.

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