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How to write a dissertation.

Planning and structuring your written work at the University takes time but your dissertation takes even more time and requires adequate preparations. From choosing a topic and submitting the dissertation, there is a lot of work involved. Check out how to stay on track while writing your dissertation.

  1. Choose a meaningful and engaging research topic.

Your research topic is highly important and is an opportunity for you to showcase your ideas and thoughts. It could be something that falls in line with your career and academic aspirations. Investigate a topic that takes you deeper and consolidates your existing knowledge. An excellent way to stay motivated is to pick a topic that you are genuinely interested in. If you do not know what topic to research, you can use academic journals, course materials, newspaper, etc. to get some inspiration for your dissertation topic. You should also work with your supervisor to agree on a research question. Your supervisor will help you understand the research area better, advise you on the appropriate methods to use for your research and how much you can achieve within a specific period.

  1. Find out what you are required to do.

Identify the ethics protocols of your faculty, referencing style guides, module handbooks so that you can avoid costly mistakes early on. Below are the important things you should know before you start planning your dissertation;

  • What does academic writing look like in your discipline?
  • What is the word count?
  • When, where and how to submit your dissertation?

Further questions you should ask your supervisor include;

  • How do you structure a dissertation?
  • What types of sources should you use in your dissertation?
  • How do you use these sources?
  • What are the appropriate forms of analysis?


  1. Have a clear goal

Once you have demonstrated how relevant your research area is through your proposal, you will find it easier to tackle your introduction, literature review and research methodology. You will outline how you will carry out your research and the purpose of your dissertation. Do not get overambitious in the course of your research so that your points and arguments can stay coherent and strong. Knowing where your research ideas are going to will help you stay on track so that you can make relevant points.

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