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EDITING – What is Editing?

Editing refers to the step-by-step process in the selection preparation and presentation of a written document to convey meaningful information to the audience as well as to be devoid of errors and flaws.

It usually involves correction adjustment condensation and thorough organization to produce a correct orderly presented consistent and accurate completed work. The editing of a work usually begins from where the author’s ideas stop in a work. Editing involves creative skills and conscientious sets of processes.  After a creative work has been edited, it’s then set for final publication.

An individual who engages in the work of editing professionally is known as an editor. Editing of creative works can be in the form of written text, audio, and video. In this article, our focus will be on text editing. There is usually a collaboration between an author and an editor in the final production of a creative work. This is to ensure there is no alteration of the main idea or message of the creative work.

There are various editorial positions in the field of editing ranging from editorial assistants to senior level editorial staff and high-level editorial directors who usually report to senior executive directors, who are saddled with the task of correctly producing a creative work in its final stage.

A top editor in a publishing firm may be known as the executive director or chief director.

The objectives of editing include the following:

  1. Clarification of hidden passages.
  2. Detection and elimination of all kinds of errors – grammatical, typographical and factual errors.
  3. Removal of sections or sub-sections not suitable for consumption by the targeted audience.
  4. Proper arrangement of the layout to allow for a smooth and undisturbed flow of the narrative.

It is important to note that editing and edition mean two different things.

Edition refers to the format with which a creative work is published. A book can be in a paperback version or a softcopy version. It could also mean the total number of copies of a creative work that’s published at a particular time or the special issue of a particular creative work.  Although these different two words might sound alike and similar in spellings, they should not be wrongly used as a substitute for each other as they are entirely different in meanings. You should not get confused with these two different concepts.

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