An essay is a type of write-up used in informing an audience about how a specific thing is done. It shows the audience the step by step method involved in the realization of a particular objective. The motive can be anything. It can talk about how a car is developed or manufactured to how to cook a nice meal. To write an essay, you must take note of the following:

  1. The Introduction

The introduction is the aspect of the essay where the writer unveils the purpose of the paper. It is usually a short aspect of an essay as it serves mainly in providing the audience with foundational background knowledge as well as the meaning of the discussed topic in the essay into consideration.

  1. Body

There is no laid-down rule for the number of paragraphs the body of your essay should have. But it is good to ensure the paragraphs are not redundant with lengthy or ambiguous words that will be difficult for the reader to understand. Always present the point or idea of the essay in an ordered manner, listing such a point or idea in a distinct paragraph.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion aspect of an essay is generally the shortest parts of an essay.   It reflects the main valid points in an essay.  It gives a summarized version of the purpose and general ideas of the essay.

Here are the five ways to employ when writing an essay:

  1. Decide who your target audience is

Firstly, you should know your audience and what is required of you before you commence writing an essay. This will help in understanding what to address and what best method to use to pass your message across to your audience.

  1. Make a list of materials

Creating the list of materials you will need in presenting your ideas or points to your audience are a great way of writing an essay.

  1. Create an outline

Make a list of what you will include in your essay in paper and pen. This will help you never to skip any aspect of the contents.

  1. Begin writing

Start the writing process ensuring the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion are included.

  1. Examine

Examine your facts and presented points to ensure there is the validity of the points in your write-up.