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How to write a Narrative Essay?

Writing a narrative essay looks great when you write on a topic for which you have interest and passion. Picking an unfamiliar topic will bring difficult in drafting exceptional writing from it as you will only compel yourself to do it.

A narrative essay showcases a story and permits the write to share inspiration from his personal life experience or that of others.  Narrative essays have a good place among many book readers as they love stories. It contains a plot, characters, and conflict.  It also makes a difficult concept to be easily understood. Hence, it is necessary you make your writing compelling and following a suitable format and structure for your essay. Here are some tips to follow in writing a good narrative essay.

  1. Work with a good topic
  • Read other essays similar to yours as it will help you to stay organized and understand how to gather ideas for your topic.
  • Work with stories that depict your theme or topic
  • Choose a story you can easily work with it. Narrative essays tell stories. , and that is suitable for you to work on.
  1. Composing your draft
  • Draft your plot first: You should know where your story will start from and end. Make a list of all the points and highlights your story will contain so that you don’t miss out on any of them. Your story should drive home all your points in the beginning, middle and end of your writing,
  • Be persistent in your point: Always use the first-person pronouns in your narrative essay. Don’t also drift away from your views.
  • Describe the important characters: Give a vivid description of other characters other than you in your narrative essay.
  • Describe the story setting: The plot is the setting. It is important to indicate it in your essay.
  • Use enough details.
  1. Revisit your essay. Ensure your view is really illustrated in your story. After composing your story, read it to ensure there is no error in it.

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