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How To Make A Good Presentation

The best ever written or oral presentations in conferences, seminars, classes, an even the popular TED shows have some common ingredients. There are secrets to good and powerful presentations. Here in this write-up, I will show to you how to make a good presentation that will wow your audience and win them over to your side.

  1. Demonstrate your passion and connect with your audience

When you are nervous during the presentation, you don’t feel relaxed, and you can’t be yourself. The most vital thing to do in making an excellent presentation is to connect with your listeners/audience. A good way you can do this effortlessly is to allow your passion to flow through the chosen subject/topic. Be sincere with your audience in letting them know what matters and why it does. When you are enthusiastic, and your audience can see it, you will have a good presentation as they give rapt attention to you.

  1. Know and focus on the needs of your audience

Let your presentation be audience-oriented. It is not all about you but your audience. So, build your presentation around the needs of your audience. Let them have a feeling and an assurance that they will get something valuable from your presentation. It is good you know what the needs of your audience are. Tell them what they want to know and hear not what you can tell them. While giving them what they need, remain focused on your audience understanding and response.

  1. Keep it short and simple

Always concentrate on your core message during your presentation. Know what the key message is and deliver to your audience. Use your first 30 seconds to communicate the summarized version of your subject briefly. Don’t say what does to add to the contents of your topic /subject.

  1. Smile and make eye contact always

This looks simple but a lot of presenters miss out on this. Smiling and making eye contact keeps your audience connected to you.

  1. Begin strongly

The beginning of your presentation should be powerful enough to keep your audience with you till the end. Ensure you give them a convincing introduction.

  1. Tell stories to keep your presentation vibrant.
  2. Use your voice effectively.
  3. Connect with body language also.
  4. Relax and take a breath if necessary.

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