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PROOFREADING – How to do proofreading

Your lecturer must have instructed you to proofread your work before final submission and It is possible you did not take their words seriously. As a result, you didn’t bother to proofread but, the consequences of this will be evident in your work. Proofreading is essential in every academic or creative writing work and you should never have to learn the hard way by having some of your scores docked.

Proofreading is not the same as editing. It does not involve deep changes or checking of facts. We proofread to ascertain the final state of a written work.

Proofreading is the step by step process of revisiting and reviewing the final completed draft of a piece of written work to confirm the consistency and accuracy in every details and structure of the work. This involves ensuring that grammar, spellings, spelling, and formatting are all intact and accurate.

Irrespective of the material you are working on, be it an essay, or an article, making sure it free from mistakes and errors is essential. The spell checker can work wonders, but it is far from giving you a foolproof final work. That is where proofreading comes in. In learning how to proofread effectively, here are six simple techniques that will help you:

  1. Concentrate.

For effective spotting of mistakes and producing a thoroughly proofread work, you must concentrate fully. Ensure there is nothing that can pose as a source of distraction or interruption while proofreading.  So, the first thing is to get to a place where you will be free from internal and external interruption. Turn off your television set and sound system and concentrate fully

  1. Write it on paper

Different people read in different ways on screen and paper. So, it is crucial that you have a print out of your writing. Reading aloud is not the best as your ear might miss out on errors that your eyes have caught.

  1. Check your punctuation

Focusing on words and sentences is good and commendable. But that shouldn’t be all. Ensure you also focus on punctuation.  Pay needed attention to missing commas, full stops, capitalized words, and other punctuation marks that might have been misused.

  1. Read the work backward

It is a common occurrence to become blind to our own choice of words when we write since the brain is mainly active during writing and it only corrects wrong words automatically.  To avoid this common error, it is recommended you read the words of your work backward going from one word to another during proofreading.

  1. Look at the numbers

Writing that an item costs $100 instead of $1000 is not the same thing.  Writing that the population of China is 2 million instead of 2 billion is a great mistake. During proofreading, it is imperative you check and cross-check your figures.

  1. Ask someone else to proofread

After you are done with proofreading, ask a friend to cross-check what you have done. You will be surprised at the mistakes spotted which you earlier missed. This will further fine-tune your proofreading.

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