Refund Policy

Refund Policy
  • The company shall not process the full refund in case of insufficient evidence on the delivered product
  • The company shall not process the refund in case the quality team determines the customer’s primarily requested orders are met with the criteria of writing standards.
  • The company shall not process the refund the extra charges of customer such as transfer fees, discounts and value added taxes.
  • The company shall not process the refund if the customer informs us after 24 hours from the submission of the request.
  • The company shall process the refund in case support team will not contact with you within 24 hours from the submission of the request.
  • When the customer requests for the refund and once the refund has been processed, the customer is not entitled to use the delivered document, paper, and content. The company has the full authority over its products and can use or sell anytime it is needed.
  • The amendments or revision to the given document, paper, contents can be requested no more than 4 times(excluding PhD researches) otherwise new request has to be made for the further amendments or revision as per Proofreading& Editing or Paraphrasing& Formatting procedures.
  • The company does not have any private database for the written document, papers, contents. The written materials can be found online.
  • The company guarantees the lowest level of plagiarism
  • The company does not take any responsibility for the delivered document, paper, content which is below the rate of 10% plagiarism.
  • The company shall not provide more than 40% percent of editing or proofreading to the written document, paper, and content.
  • Our experts are reviewing the written work for the customers and provides efficient proofreading
  • The proofreading& Editing and Formatting& Paraphrasing service shall not present attaching additional writing materials.
  • The gigs will include the professional proofreading, editions, paraphrasing, formatting, revisions, feedback, spelling, punctuation, syntax, style, removing, repetition or simple wording.
  • Please be advised that any kind of additional research are considered as an additional request.