Thesis Statement- Order Thesis Statement

How to write a good thesis

For every academic paper that you write, there should be a central message or main point that the paper will be about. This central idea should be reflected in the arguments you make in your paper. This main idea is usually highlighted in a sentence, and this sentence is referred to as a thesis statement.

What should a good thesis statement entail?

  1. A thesis statement is made up of one or two sentences, and these sentences should contain your main idea and the central message of your paper. It should also comment on your position on the topic. A good thesis statement will inform the reader about what the paper is about an also help you keep your writing on track.
  2. Your thesis statement should be at the beginning of your essay most times in the introductory paragraph, or in the second paragraph for longer essays. This will help you establish your position early enough in the essay and give your reader an idea of where the paper is directed. A good thesis should not be buried later in the paper or the middle of a paragraph. Your thesis statement should have some clarity and should state the point of the paper without explicitly using sentences like, “The point of my paper is…”
  3. You should also work on making your thesis statement as specific and as clear as possible. Your thesis statement should help you get straight to the point of your paper. Make the thesis statement limited to the number of words in your paper. Your reader should also be able to understand what your thesis statement means when they read it.
  4. Your thesis statement should point out your position on the topic. Your thesis should not only announce what the topic of your paper is, but it should also point out where you stand. How do you intend to evaluate the issue at hand? An example is shown below;

Sample Thesis: in this paper, I will discuss the relationship between greenhouse gases and health.

Revised Thesis showing your position: Greenhouse gases are not just present in the atmosphere, they affect the health of plants, animals, and humans adversely.

The bottom line is, as you continue to write and develop your paper, your thesis statement will change too. Therefore, it’s okay if you do not have the perfect thesis statement when you start your paper.